Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our BedRoom is Finally Painted!

Since my last day of work, which coincidentally was also Mr. CP's last day of school, we were very busy working on the house and running errands.  Some tasks were in preparation for the baby, like taking the hospital tour, writing up a birth plan and setting up diaper service, while others were things we just wanted to get done because we knew we would be too sleep deprived to tackle them after the baby arrived.

Below for your viewing enjoyment are some before and after photos of our bedroom.  We still have to finish the room the baby will eventually sleep in, but I figured if we at least mostly finished our room, we'd have some place for all of us to sleep for at least a few months before we move the baby into his permanent digs.

The room started out with relatively cheerful yellow walls and an off white ceiling.  There were a number of cracks in the walls, that I decided to repair with some spackle and joint tape (and some help from my brother).
Close up of a plaster crack
First layer of joint compound
Third layer of spackle (courtesy of my brother). It was a lot of work!

We decided to go with a no VOC primer and paint for a number of reasons, mainly since I was pregnant and at home for most of the day after I stopped working and because the baby would be moving in so soon.  It's also good to reduce the future off-gassing in the house in general.

And here is the painted room...For colors, we choose a soothing light gray and a Benjamin Moore shade called snow white for the ceiling and mouldings.  We purchased our paint at Ecohaus here in San Francisco.  They used the Yolo brand base and tinted it with the Mythic and Benjamin Moore shades that we had chosen.  The job definitely required two coats for the ceiling and the walls, though I suspect that many or all no-VOC paints require a double coat, because they are less pigmented than conventional paints.

We still have to install baseboards eventually, but that's a project for another time. We did manage to find a close match to the moulding that we removed at a place in Millbrae called The Moulding Company.  The staff there was helpful and we'll probably order from them when we're ready.  We are also planning to replace all of the doors, so we didn't bother to paint them for now.


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