Thursday, September 30, 2010

Favorite Picks for New Parents

We're at the age where a lot of our friends have been having their first babies.  Apart from the cute little onesies that I like to pick up as gifts, there is one book that I have given to several new parents.
The Petit Cookbook by Lisa Barnes
We got a lot of positive feedback from the first couple we bought the book for and we liked the idea of organic food being made at home for the  kiddies.  Starting babies off with healthy eats should be a top priority for everyone.  One mom altered the mac and cheese recipe just a tad and it was the best mac and cheese we had ever eaten, so adults can enjoy it too!

Another great gift for newborns is the Mustela Newborn Gift Set.  The set contains hypoallergenic bath and moisturizer products for sensitive newborn skin.  It's important to give the little ones less to cry about.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frame Something

Check out these ideas.  These frames make everyday objects seem special.  With a little creativity, you can personalize your space with just about anything. 
Map Hearts for places you love
Old House Keys for significant places {via Apartment Therapy}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Treasury of the Week - Grey and Yellow

I've been seeing this color combo everywhere, from J. Crew to CB2.  The yellow really pops against the cozy gray. 
To get more details on these beautiful items, click here to get to Etsy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap - Terranea and family visit

This weekend was even busier than last!  On Friday, I had a very early flight to Los Angeles for a work meeting which ran until Saturday afternoon.  I can't complain too much though, because the meeting was held at the Terranea resort in Rancho Palos Verdes.

The hotel and the grounds were beautiful and the weather was sunny and hot.  I snuck in a boot camp class and the pulled pork sandwich that I had for dinner at Nelson's was pretty tasty.  I have read that the resort is dealing with some financial troubles, but it seems reality shows such as the Bachelor have filmed there and I saw camera crews on site working on the CW's new Shedding for the Wedding reality show. 

Unfortunately, I had to rush back to San Francisco right after the meetings ended on Saturday, because the trip was scheduled on the same weekend that my mother, sister, aunts and uncle were all flying into San Francisco from New York. 

Vacation for my relatives centers around eating.  We eat, we walk around and chat a little, and then we spend more time trying to decide where we will stuff ourselves with our next meal.  On Saturday night, we had a delicious Cantonese food dinner at Hong Kong Lounge in the Richmond.  This morning, we headed over early to Koi Palace in Daly City for some of the best dim sum in the Bay Area.  Afterwards, we walked off some of the BBQ pork buns, curry beef stew and shrimp dumplings by checking out the Legion of Honor and the Sutro Baths.  The weather was perfect for sightseeing.  Had I remembered my camera, I would have had more photos to share.

My brother and sister-in-law came up from Mountain View to spend time with the family as well and after eating so much restaurant food, we decided that the healthiest option for tonight would be to share a home-cooked meal.  Mr. CP grilled up some tri-tip and my brother grilled a delicious filet of halibut, while, my mother, sister-in-law and I were on vegetable side duty.  Everything was delicious and after cleaning up, everyone was pooped and turned in early.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The "Perfect" Piece

Although I can appreciate the beauty in lots of different pieces of furniture, I find it very difficult to shop for it.  It's very easy for me to look at pieces and think that would look great in such and such a room, but when it comes time to actually making a purchase, I can take FOREVER to make a final decision.  Furniture is expensive and it is supposed to last forever, so you're making a very long term commitment which freaks me out a little.  What if I get sick of this color?  What if this starts to fall apart in a year?  What if something cooler comes out next season?  Yes, maybe I'm a little neurotic.

But today, I saw the most amazing dining table.
{via Apartment Therapy}
It's so modern and unique.  The best part is, it turns out that this table was a DIY project.  So, if we make it ourselves...there's no buyer's remorse to be had.  I must figure out a way to make this table! =)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Falling for Mustard

Fall is officially here...
Fine Art Photography Print by Bucks County Frames
Mustard Oxfords at Anthropologie
Parlour Sofa at CB2
Vintage Mikasa Coffee Cups from Lissfaa on Etsy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pattern - Orla Kiely's New Book

You may or may not know Orla Kiely's name, but you must have come across her designs at some point, whether it be in the form of a cheerful purse you saw some stranger carrying on the subway or a fun coffee mug that you've seen in a magazine.

{via Apartment Therapy}

Orla Kiely is a London-based designer who has created some of the loveliest patterns out there.  They're bold and they are colorful and all a little bit retro. Her designs and products are sold internationally in her own stores and through other retailers such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie and smaller boutiques.  She also created a line exclusively for Target in 2009.
Scribble Multi Stem Mug
Flower Abacus Tall Shade

Tripp Laptop Bag
Orla Kiely will be coming out with a new coffee table book called Pattern, which includes tons of lovely photographs and patterns and Orla's discussion of what inspires her.  (It's a hefty 4 pound book!) 
Pattern is currently available for preorder on and it looks like the release date is October 18, 2010.  For those of you who like to get things done early....this sounds like an excellent Christmas gift.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap - The Sofa Hunt Begins

This weekend Mr. CP and I were so very busy.  On Saturday, we put down our first coat of finish on the floors.  Then, to escape the fumes, we checked out some sofas at the furniture stores in our old neighborhood, Hayes Valley.  The folks at Propeller and Inside are very helpful and full of knowledge.  They carry high quality modern styles that differ from the standard chain store ones that you see everywhere, though for the most part at significantly higher prices.

Mr. CP has a crush on the firm foam cushions and the angled arms of the Modernica Case Study Couch that we saw at Inside. 
The hi-density foam is supposed to last for many many years and this design is the most budget-friendly of the options we saw.  I think in the right color, it would look nice in our living room, but it seems to be missing something. 

I LOVE the Vioski Chicago Sofa. I thought it was beautiful and comfortable, especially in the lovely blended gray material on the one in the Inside showroom, but it was definitely not within our budget and a little too girlie for Mr. CP.  He wasn't a fan of the round arm pillows. 
While surfing around on the internet, I found the Modernica Split Rail Couch with Arms. It sort of looks like the love child of the Case Study and the Chicago.  I think the buttons add that extra something that I find the Case Study to be missing and I also prefer the wood frame to the metal legs.  Mr. CP likes it too, so now we need to find a showroom in San Francisco that carries it so we can test it out. 
On Sunday, we put down the second and final coat of finish on our floor.  We're so happy because (1) we're finally done and (2) it looks great!  We are looking forward to moving some furniture into the main part of the house soon.  While waiting for the finish to dry, I printed up some proof wedding gift thank you cards for a soon-to-be bride AND I tested out my new Gocco B5 by printing the first layer of my first batch of Happy Holidays cards.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Wishlist

Cherner chairs...whether you love them or hate them, you have to at least admit that the armchair is very  interesting looking. 
Design Within Reach
Hive Modern
Different stores seem to be offering some discounts right now, but they are still a huge investment.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stole My Heart


This morning, as on many mornings, I had to rush out of the house to get to work on time.  We had an 8 a.m. conference call, and the only thing to cheer me up on the way in was a chai latte and this great song by Little and Ashley.  I am sure I've heard it in a commercial but I can't remember which one.  It sounds a little indie and reminds me of some 80s songs.  The song is available as a free download from right now, but I don't know for how long.

While we are on the topic of music...I really need to update my Ipod playlist.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Please share!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun DIY Idea

This just popped up on my Google reader.  What a fun idea! 

{DIY instructions via Design*Sponge}

This would be perfect for adding some personality to a kid's room or a game room.

Alice in Wonderland

Mr. CP and I rented Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland the other night.  The reviews said the movie was mediocre, so we didn't expect much, but we ended up liking the movie quite a bit.  The costumes were wonderful and the characters were interesting.  Maybe we liked it because we didn't have any set ideas about the story as neither of us had never read the book or seen earlier movie versions.  Afterwards, I started to notice Alice references everywhere.  Curiouser and curiouser...

Party flags by PinkCherryMama on Etsy.
 Paper cut Alice Quote by Mr. Yen
 Brushed Steel Pendant by Untamed Managerie

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plumen Bulbs

Wow.  Can a light bulb be sexy?  Because these are just about the sexiest light bulbs I've ever seen.
Plumen Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
And they're energy efficient too - Plumen claims that this bulb uses 80% less energy and lasts 8 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bicycle Notecards - The Rainbow Pack

My bicycle notecards are my biggest seller at the moment.  Earlier this summer, I printed a batch in tangerine ink.  Those cards are almost all sold out now, so the time came to print new ones, but I decided to change things up a bit.
Gocco Printed Bicycle Notecards
This set of six flat note cards comes with six plain kraft envelopes.

I also printed matching envelopes which are packaged and sold separately. 
Rainbow Bicycle Envelopes
I hope customers appreciate the variety.  Who doesn't love rainbows?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Lottery List

I've been researching desk lamp options because I have my own desk now and Mr. CP has taken our existing lamp to his studio. So this Friday, my picks are a a couple fancy LED lamps:

Tizio LED Table Lamp at Room and Board
Brazo Table Lamp at Design Within Reach

LED lamps are pricey and for many of the models out there, you can't switch out the LED light in the same way you switch out a halogen bulb.  Once the LEDs are done, you might have to replace the whole lamp.  However, LED lights supposedly can last for over 10 years and are more environmentally friendly because they use less energy than more traditional lighting options, so some people argue that the investment is worth it.  They're also pretty cool to the touch, so no pesky fire hazards to worry about.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So I realized today that I haven't done a post about Domestica, a friendly neighborhood store in Des Moines, Iowa.

Domestica focuses on home and personal accessories and carries funky posters and prints, ceramics, jewelry and other great home decor items.  They also carry Chunky Pineapple cards!  

Jonathan Adler Pop Menagarie Piggy Bank

Brooklyn Rehab Garden Gnome

Spirograph Thank You Card

Brooklyn Rehab Pigeon Mug

 For those of you who don't live in Des Moines and can't stop by in person, check out their online shop.