Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Wishlist -More Cool Seating

I know...I'm a bit obsessed with seating these days.  There are just so many interesting things out there.  It probably won't stop until I have a proper couch and a complete dining set.

Why do I love the Lin collection?  The Lin Chair has such interesting lines. I am so curious to sit in one to see if it is comfortable.  The Lin Bench also has such a clean look that would look great in the living room or on one side of my dining table.  The Lin Chair and Bench do not use polyurethane foam, but rather use Dacron filling, which is made of polyester.  The wool upholstery is chemical free. 
De La Espada Lin Chair
De La Espada Lin Bench
De La Espada Sleepy Rocker
And this rocker...I love the way the wood is shaped so that each side looks like one piece.

Sigh....more reasons to win the lottery...


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