Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Your Name Out There

Today I received a custom order request through Etsy.  This is a new feature that I just signed up for a few days ago.  The customer asked whether she could buy 5 of the same Thanks So Much card.  Of course I was excited to get my first custom order, and responded right away.  The customer's response was that she had found my card at Press Works on Paper and wanted more to thank interviewers for their time and looked on the back of the card where our logo and website are located.

While putting the logo on the back of my cards wasn't the first thing I thought of when designing cards and starting my shop, I did design a logo by the time I designed my second or third card.  I later updated my logo after I had Dingbat Press create a logo and business card for the shop.  I'm glad to get confirmation that it helps to get my name out there and that people actually do look at the back of my cards to find us.


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