Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coming Soon - Stickers!

I've been working on a new idea recently.  I have always loved stickers, and my plan was to convert some of my Chunky Pineapple designs to stickers.  They can be used as envelope seals or just for fun anywhere else.  Below is a sneak peek at a couple designs which should be posted in our etsy shop soon. 
Bright and cheerful pineapples (1.5" circles)

Our ever popular rainbow bicycles - available on white or kraft 1.5" circle stickers.  Perfect to go with a rainbow notecard pack!

I've also been playing around with watercolors.  I think this would look lovely spread out over stickers.  No two will be alike!

Stay tuned though, because there will be a lot more coming down the pipeline.  I'm so excited!


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