Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lemon Juice Cubes

We have so many lemons and so little time...enter our new electric citrus juicer which came highly recommended by my sister.  She uses it to make fresh squeezed orange juice for her weekly pancake parties.
Tribest Citrustar Electric Juicer
With this lovely kitchen gadget, I juiced nine lemons in nine minutes.  I didn't have to strain the juice or remove the pits and ended up with ten ice cubes.  I think next time, I'll measure out two tablespoons to each cube so that I can defrost the exact amount of juice that my recipes call for.  This juicer is a great time saver and now I'll be able to continue to make all kinds of lemony goodies even after the lemon harvest season ends.


Grace said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your lemon posts! Sadly, lemon trees don't fare well out here in D.C., but hopefully one day I can get a small lemon tree indoors. =)

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