Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Updated Uses for Chalkboard Surfaces

They've been featured on blogs for a while now...chalkboards...

For those appreciate cute organization ideas, one can find chalkboard labeled jars and canisters and removable and reusable vinyl chalkboard labels. Or you can make cute DIY herb pots like the ones shown below.
Chalk Label Mason Jars from Hindsvik on Etsy
{via i-do-it-yourself.com}
Go ecofriendly while allowing your kids the freedom to be creative...or get a little creative yourself with chalkboard walls!
{via CountryLiving.com}
I like this key hook idea...Mr. CP has access to a laser cutter at school...so we can pick and design a shape of our choosing and then paint it with some chalkboard paint.
{via Helen Rawlinson's Blog}

DIY is inexpensive and easy.  Several paint companies make chalkboard paint and it comes in different shades.  According to the Benjamin Moore website, one quart of their chalkboard paint covers 100 square feet and costs around $16.
Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint


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