Thursday, January 29, 2015

Big Love on Valentine's Day

There is something about Valentine's Day that inspires me to design something cute with a hand drawn look.  I drew the elephant with a Riso carbon pen and flashed the screen directly from that image without having to scan it in and print it out on my laser printer.  The white Gocco ink showed up nicely on the kraft cardstock and to add some color, I hand painted red and metallic gold watercolor to fill in the there you have it...our first mixed media card.  
Big Love

I only had 20 kraft folded cards on hand, so was only able to print a very small batch and they've already out of stock.  I am expecting a new shipment of paper today, so please send me a message on etsy if you are interestedbefore February 6.  Otherwise, I might wait until next year to print another batch before Valentine's Day. 


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