Monday, November 1, 2010

Dynamo Donut

Mr. CP was craving a donut on Saturday morning, so we walked down the block to Dynamo Donut.
{Photo by Jill Matsuyama}
For those of you who have never been, the selection of donuts is very unique and changes daily.  While I am not a fan of the chocolate ones (Chocolate Spice and Rosemary Chocolate were too dry for me), I really liked the lemon ones that I have tried - Lemon Pistachio and Lemon Szechuan.  The Lemon Pistachio is soft and isn't too sweet or heavy.  The Lemon Szechuan isn't as spicy as the name makes it sound.  In fact it's more of a tart lemon filling donut. 
{Photo by Pemshree Pillai}

We also tried the Maple Glazed Bacon Donut.  It was tasty, but it was very heavy.  I don't think I could eat one on my own, but sharing a bite here and there works for me.  =)
{Photo by Carlos Almendarez}
For those who like coffee with their donut, Dynamo serves Four Barrel.


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