Thursday, September 23, 2010

The "Perfect" Piece

Although I can appreciate the beauty in lots of different pieces of furniture, I find it very difficult to shop for it.  It's very easy for me to look at pieces and think that would look great in such and such a room, but when it comes time to actually making a purchase, I can take FOREVER to make a final decision.  Furniture is expensive and it is supposed to last forever, so you're making a very long term commitment which freaks me out a little.  What if I get sick of this color?  What if this starts to fall apart in a year?  What if something cooler comes out next season?  Yes, maybe I'm a little neurotic.

But today, I saw the most amazing dining table.
{via Apartment Therapy}
It's so modern and unique.  The best part is, it turns out that this table was a DIY project.  So, if we make it ourselves...there's no buyer's remorse to be had.  I must figure out a way to make this table! =)


sunny said...

Very cute table. It's really DIY?! Nice!

AND I have to say, I both the name of your blog (quite fun!) and the fact you're in SF - a city I lived in for years!

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