Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap - The Sofa Hunt Begins

This weekend Mr. CP and I were so very busy.  On Saturday, we put down our first coat of finish on the floors.  Then, to escape the fumes, we checked out some sofas at the furniture stores in our old neighborhood, Hayes Valley.  The folks at Propeller and Inside are very helpful and full of knowledge.  They carry high quality modern styles that differ from the standard chain store ones that you see everywhere, though for the most part at significantly higher prices.

Mr. CP has a crush on the firm foam cushions and the angled arms of the Modernica Case Study Couch that we saw at Inside. 
The hi-density foam is supposed to last for many many years and this design is the most budget-friendly of the options we saw.  I think in the right color, it would look nice in our living room, but it seems to be missing something. 

I LOVE the Vioski Chicago Sofa. I thought it was beautiful and comfortable, especially in the lovely blended gray material on the one in the Inside showroom, but it was definitely not within our budget and a little too girlie for Mr. CP.  He wasn't a fan of the round arm pillows. 
While surfing around on the internet, I found the Modernica Split Rail Couch with Arms. It sort of looks like the love child of the Case Study and the Chicago.  I think the buttons add that extra something that I find the Case Study to be missing and I also prefer the wood frame to the metal legs.  Mr. CP likes it too, so now we need to find a showroom in San Francisco that carries it so we can test it out. 
On Sunday, we put down the second and final coat of finish on our floor.  We're so happy because (1) we're finally done and (2) it looks great!  We are looking forward to moving some furniture into the main part of the house soon.  While waiting for the finish to dry, I printed up some proof wedding gift thank you cards for a soon-to-be bride AND I tested out my new Gocco B5 by printing the first layer of my first batch of Happy Holidays cards.


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