Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The beginnings of a new idea

I started thinking yesterday about possibly designing a 2011 gocco printed calendar.  Anyone familiar with the rising costs of gocco supplies knows that this is just crazy talk.  Anyhow, I'm imagining a desk calendar that would consist of twelve 5"x7" prints that are separate sheets rather than bound together.

Here is an example of the type of calendar I am describing:
Stelie Designs
Some come with a little jewel case like this one or sometimes people pin up each month as the the time comes.  My idea is to have Mr. CP design a wooden block with a slot that the cards can stand in.  It seems a little more substantial and natural than clear plastic.  I've also seen some small easels that might work, but they might be a tad short for a 5"x7" print.

Each month's print would be a different color and contain a theme related to that month.  I also toyed around with having the colors relate to birthstones as well.  All this would require a minimum of 12 screens and 24 bulbs though....ouch.  And if I am going to have these ready for people to purchase by the gift-giving season, I'd have to get started pronto!


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