Saturday, September 4, 2010

Room and Board

Today, we said goodbye to our Room and Board Encore couch.  They don't sell it in brown anymore, but this is what it looks like.
Encore Sofa
We bought this style, because the doorway to our old apartment was really narrow and this was the only sofa that would fit through the door.  The seats fold down to create a full size bed  and that is how we got it in through the door.  We figured it would be good for guests too.

After about a year, the middle of the sofa began to compress.  The foam in the seat provided less and less cushion and you could feel the metal bars through it.  Sad.  The situation got worse and worse, but we figured when we moved one day, we'd just put it in a guest room and use it there.  We finally moved after owning the couch for about 3 years and we took the sofa with us, but I decided to write to Room and Board to express our disappointment in the short life of the seat cushions.  We couldn't even really use the couch anymore due to the level of uncomfortableness. 

A design consultant responded to my email within 48 hours and told me to call the San Francisco store.  I spoke with Joe Darling, a design consultant in the store, and he asked me to send in photos of the couch.  After we did that, Joe explained to me that Room and Board would send drivers to pick up my couch and to check out the damage and that I would be given store credit to use towards the purchase of new Room and Board merchandise.  For each year that you own the couch, they deduct 10% of the purchase price from the credit.  Then, they check for any other damage or stain to decide if they should deduct more. 

The drivers came today to take our sofa away. The visit took less than 10 minutes and the drivers were very courteous and professional.  So, although Mr.CP and I were very disappointed with the quality of the couch we purchased, we are very appreciative of how Room and Board customer service handled the situation.


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