Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Perfect Paper Clips

Wow!  These are the most awesome paper clips that I have ever seen!

Circus Line Elephant Paper Clips
Duck Tails Paper Clips

Made by Midori in Japan, there are 30 paper clips in each box. I've seen turtles, squirrels, hippos, birds, whales and quite a few other animal types and all of them run around $7-8 per box.  That is definitely on the pricey side for paper clips, but they are supposedly extra strong and are intended to be kept and reused.  That's perfect for me, because I'm such a freak about cute stationary and office supplies...after I get it, I can't bear to use it up.


Erica said...

Hi, just wanted to stop by and thank you for participating in Coco+Kelley’s Custom Art by Erica Eriksdotter giveaway and for your lovely comment! I really enjoyed reading it. You're so sweet.


The Zhush said...

So cute! In a weird way, they remind me of the silly bandz bracelets all my kids and their friends have been wearing all summer!

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