Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blue Bottle Coffee

When I moved to San Francisco three years ago, Mr. CP had chosen an apartment on Linden Street in Hayes Valley.  It didn't take us long to notice the long lines on the other end of our alley every morning, particularly on weekends.
{via Yelp}
What is this magical place, we asked?  It turns out that we lived right down the block from one of the most beloved coffee roasters in San Francisco, Blue Bottle Coffee.
{Photo by Brook Peterson}
{Photo by DennisandLuba}
My favorite is their iced coffee and Mr. CP has forsaken all other types of coffee and buys their beans to make coffee at home.  It's not just SF hype either, because we've brought out of town guests there and they can't get enough of it.  Sometimes, I bring bags of beans back to NY with me for friends.
{Photo by zzi}

In the three years that I've been here, Blue Bottle has opened up additional locations around the city, including a coffee bar in the Ferry Building.  If you're in San Francisco and down for some strong caffeinated beverages, you should definitely check them out.


sunny said...

I was in your alley! I could have waved to you! I used to work in Hayes Valley and lived in the Sunset. Moved away five years ago. Then visited last year and a friend dragged me to that Blue Bottle location in the alley and I was in heaven. I still miss that coffee. Lucky you to live so close!

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