Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christmas before Halloween

I know it's not just me.  I know you have all noticed it too.  Retailers have always started to prepare for the winter holidays early.  It used to be that you'd see seasonal items appearing right after Thanksgiving...then the Christmas cards and wrapping started to creep onto shelves earlier and earlier prior to turkey day.  Now...I've seen Christmas candy and all sorts of things lining shelves way before Halloween!

This phenomenon has hit Etsy as well, so I've posted a few of my favorite holiday cards below.  And get ready...I'll be posting a couple new Chunky Pineapple holiday designs soon.  =)

Two Guitars
Crafted by Lindy
Lucky Bee Press
Port Hope Press


craftedbylindy said...

Awesome post and great blog! Thank you so much for including my Twelve Days of Christmas Greeting Card! I really appreciate it!

Lindy (craftedbylindy)

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