Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The CP Business Card!

Earlier this year, I realized that in order to approach gift shops with my cards and to show at craft fairs, I'd need a business card.  Our original Chunky Pineapple logo although very cute, does not lend itself well to gocco printing or letterpress because it cannot easily be reduced to a black and white image.  In my blog travels, I came across a great letterpress company called Dingbat Press and they offer a great little branding package.

As part of the package, Adrienne created three original designs in different styles based on my answers to a series of questions.  I wanted something fun, feminine and modern.  We went through two rounds of proofing and my wonderful girlie girls voted on the designs and helped me come to a final decision.  The proofs are below.  They are not 100% final, but I thought I would give you all a sneak peak.
The package comes with 100 business cards and 50 tags.  I had originally wanted to print in yellow to continue the pineapple theme, but it was just too light for the small font.  I love orange though!
The package also includes a file for a blog banner so there might be some changes here on the blog soon!


Anonymous said...

Whoa!! Michelle this is great!! Looks like you'll be leaving law soon~ Sun

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