Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Wishlist

I haven't had a bike since I was a kid in the suburbs of Loan Island.  While living in China, Philly, NYC and SF, I was a little worried about crazy drivers and mainly survived on public transportation for the most part.  I'm pretty sure that I can still ride one without doing serious damage to myself...I think...and I really like the retro style bikes out there in all the lovely shades, but bikes cost some serious dough these days.  Anyway, even though I don't have a bike (yet), I came across this beautiful bike shelf this week.
Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham

The bike shelf comes in ash and walnut wood.  I'm partial to walnut wood (shown above) these days.  It's definitely pricey at $300 per rack, but it fits into your home like a piece of furniture.  Also, they are all handmade by one guy so you know some extra love and care went into each piece.


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