Monday, October 4, 2010

Gray Nails

During my last pedicure I wanted to try something new.  Red looks better with my skintone than light pink and I can't get anywhere near coral or orange-ish shades, so I usually stick with a nice red like Opi Chick Flick Cherry or a slightly brick-ish color like Opi Paint my Mojitoes.  I saw an interesting brownish grey color called You Don't Know Jacques and it came out nicely, but I then became obsessed with finding a grayer, less brown, nail polish.
You Don't Know Jacques
After extensive magazine and internet research, below four of the shades that look appealing. 
Concrete Jungle
YSL Tuxedo
Chanel Particuliere
China Glaze Recycle
The Chanel shade is a little on the brown side and the YSL shade might be a bit too dark for me, but you never know until you test them out.  =)


Sam said...

I really want to get a grey nail polish! :) Grey is my favorite color, so it would suit me.

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