Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birch Inspiration

I am allergic to birch trees.  Mr. CP recently made a little children's pushcart out of birch wood and the sawdust made my eyes all red and watery.  I can't eat peaches or plums, because they make my throat super itchy and the doctors tell me that they're related to the birch tree too.  But I do like the natural rustic look of birch tree bark.  I think the tree's long and lean silhouette complement a clean and modern style and pale coloring makes it easy to pair with a ton of color schemes. 

Vinyl Wall Art Decal by WallDecors.
You can also paint birch trees on your wall with paint and stencils.  It looks like a fun DIY project that would have a lot of impact on an accent wall.  In this photo, it looks like the wall is painted in a metallic color, but the off-white birch trees break up the gold so you can have some bling in your house without it being too gaudy.

Wall Stencil by CuttingEdgeStencils.

Somehow, I don't think Mr. CP will allow me to stick decals onto our walls, let alone paint designs onto them, but I've got a few ideas for smaller, less permanent uses for both home decor and ChunkyPineapple cards.  Perhaps winter holiday cards or a wedding invitation suite....yes, I'll have to get a jump on these new ideas soon.

Two cushion covers by Buttongrass made with fabric designed by Lara Cameron.
8"x10" Modern Minimal Forest Print by PrissDesigns.


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