Friday, August 6, 2010

Rainbow Bright

Who remembers the 80's cartoon called Rainbow Bright?  I had a Rainbow Bright plush doll and I told my uncle that when I grew up, I'd want to paint my home in rainbow colors.  He could do nothing but chuckle.  Now that we're waaaaay older, we realize that a house with a rainbow exterior is a little too unique (as exemplified by some houses here in the SF area), but this doesn't mean we should avoid the good ole ROYGBIV altogether.  There are so many ways to bring that color into your home.  It's what's on the inside that counts anyway, right? 

Make a set that isn't monotone with these Pantone Mugs.
Bake a cake with this recipe from Whisk Kid.  For a step-by-step, Kaitlin shows you how to make this beauty on Martha Stewart.
Liven things up with a set of handmade bud vases.

Remind yourself of the carefree days of childhood with a Yay! 5"x7" Gocco print.*
*This last item was designed and handmade by me on my Gocco.  I'll do a post about Goccos soon.

Happy Friday!


Tanner Glass said...

I love those mugs!!!!

Thanks for including my bud vases here! They look right at home with all the other Rainbow goodies.

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