Monday, August 16, 2010

The Finish Line

When Mr. CP and I  first embarked on our floor sanding adventure, I figured we'd be done in one or two weekends.  I had sanded several floors before, and sure, it's dusty and loud, but it's not that bad considering what you save by DIY.  However, I had not in any of those occasions come up against a hardwood floor that had a pattern in it.  Because you should sand with the grain of the wood, the patterns make EVERYTHING more difficult and much slower.

After many hours of backbreaking work and using several different tools and machines, we have decided that we never want to sand our floors again. As we near the finish line (pun intended), we have to chosen to use Osmo PolyX to seal and protect our red oak floors.

Unlike polyurethane which coats the floor like a film, PolyX seeps into the wood and protects the wood from the inside.  It is advertised to be resistant to scratching and to last as long as polyurethane.  The one HUGE benefit of this product is that you can spot treat areas that become bare or scratched without ever re-sanding your floors.  You can just apply a coat right over the existing cleaned floor.  PolyX is advertised as an eco-friendly product that is low is VOCs, but honestly, the idea that we will never have to sand again really sealed the deal.

Useful tools for sanding:
Makita Belt Sander
40 Grit
60 Grit
80 Grit

100 Grit
120 Grit

Festool Sanding Paper
60 Grit
100 Grit

Other Stuff:


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