Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Modern Lace and Doilies

I am generally not a fan of doilies and lace.  I'm not sure whether it's just mental association with old, musty and grungy things in the attic or whether it is because it's simply too frilly for me.  There are exceptions though...

Two years ago, when I was on the hunt for a wedding dress, I saw the most beautiful deep v-neck mermaid wedding dress in a gallery of professional wedding photos.  I never did find out who made that dress, but it looked alot like this one by Jim Hjelm without the sash.

Lace V-Neck Wedding Dress by Jim Hjelm

I was certain it would cost more than I could pay though and our wedding theme was relatively casual, so lace seemed too dressy for it.

I thought of this exception to my anti-lace and doilies policy when I saw these cute drink parasols and bike basket this morning. 

The parasols are a fun DIY project.  Make them for your end of summer party!  You can download the free instructions here.

This "Granny-chic" bicycle basket is strengthened with a metal frame and comes with a set of hooks. It is also easily detachable and has a useful strap so it may be carried while shopping. 


Indie.Tea said...

I'm not a lace or doily girl either, but those drink parasols are still adorable!

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