Thursday, August 19, 2010


I know you all remember this...

It's a little retro and a tad nerdy, and it's probably tucked away somewhere in your parents' attic.  I received mine sometime in the 80's and I was all about using my fat 10 color clicking pen with it.  Good times...

When I was designing my spirograph birthday and thank you cards, I wanted to find my old set, but unfortunately, I would have had to travel back to NY to dig through my mom's closets to find it.  Lucky for me, Mr. CP showed me how to make them in Adobe Illustrator.  Below are my very first two card designs...the beginnings of ChunkyPineapple!

Gocco-Printed Spirograph Birthday Card.
Gocco-Printed Spirograph Thank You Cards (5 pack).
I think the designs I used for my cards came out great, but I'm still going to find my old set for future projects.

Below are a couple other spirograph inspired works:

Light Switch and Outlet Covers by LindsayLights.
With the right background and some complementary accessories here and there, I think these would be a unique addition to any child's bedroom.

Letterpress Coasters by Marquandeditions.
 These coasters are perfect for dressing up any coffee table!


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