Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Monkeys in Love

Recently, I've had some requests to design greeting cards for congratulating newly married couples and to welcome newborns.  I figured it was a good idea to get a few of those designs completed now before I become fully dedicated to the craziness of preparing cards for the holiday season.

Two weeks ago, Mr. ChunkyPineapple and I worked together to design our first wedding card.  We did so with a specific couple in mind.  Our friends' wedding invitation theme was "Two Monkeys in Love".  They're a pretty casual, fun-loving pair, so I decided that a hand-drawn design would be most appropriate for them.   That's where Mr. ChunkyPineapple and his drawing skills came in.  I explained my general concept and made a couple rough drawings and a few hours later, we were ready to scan the drawing into pdf format for editing with Adobe Illustrator 4.  Then, I used my Gocco to flash the screens and I chose to print the monkeys in brown with a bold orange for the greetings.

Don't they look happy?  =)

If you know a couple of goofy or quirky monkeys that you would like to congratulate, you can find these cards (and more photos) here.


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