Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Owl City

Owls are a trend that I can get behind.  Everyone knows that they are wise and I must say, they are suitably cute for both babies and adults alike.

I saw these silk-screened t-shirts and onesies at Market SF on Saturday.  I had the chance to snag one at a discount, but didn't and now I regret it.  Doh!

Snap one up at ViviKids.

This is a smart way to organize baby toys.

3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bin

These cookies look delicious and would be great for party favors.  

Owl sugar cookies by TSCookies.

Kerry Beary is so talented.  Below are just a few of her prints.

Kerry Beary made these Owl Prints on her Gocco!

And to add some hilarity to your day...MunaLuna had these cards at Market SF this past weekend.  Do you have some chores you need done?  Check out this deck of cards.  Mr. ChunkyPineapple and I got a good laugh.

Owl Bitch Cards from MunaLuna.
There are 25 cards in the deck, some of the phrases are:
"get in the kitchen, bitch!"
"answer the door, bitch!"
"bake me a pie, bitch!"
"where's my vodka, bitch?!"
"gimme your money, bitch!"
"iron my socks, bitch!"

Bake me a pie?  I mean...that's just really specific!  Cute, but sassy!

Oh, and I like Owl City (Fireflies) too.  =)


meredith cheng - munaluna said...

thanks for including my bitch cards, Michelle :) LOVE OWLS!!!

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